Thursday, 7 November 2013

First day of my healthy day

7 nov 2013
Today is my first day to be healthy and keeping track what ive been ate.
egg and cabbage , i cook this food with olive oil and a little of oregano 
Ate apple and mushroom 
tuna wrap

what im trying to do is i will post everyday of my body which is to know what happen within 16 days before i enter my 3rd sem of university life ...

Okay i wanted a fitted body which is like this

" Skinny girls look good in clothes, Fit girls look good naked" i love this quotes damn much.. 
xoxo i will up to date my real body... until the achievement 

weight : ?
height : ? 
hahah i forgot to weight and height myself 

wokay  today workout 

victoria abs workout 
dance with me abs
muffintop massacre
abs on fire
cardio workout 20 minute

Thanks cassey ho .. you introduce me this workout .. i love you cassey you are the best pillates instructor

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