Monday, 11 November 2013

Fifth day

Fifth day
Urm Im not workout today stress with study how to drive car
Urm um im so exhausted, drived and worked 
So here I am :) wanted to share you new meals hahah im eating cheat today

breakfast : -
lunch: popiah
dinner : subway
snack: apple and cucur :)

this is so so heavy for me yet im not going to workout im so stress today anyway wish me luck
i just learn new thing
drinkk 2L of water

xoxo .. started new meals okay  

Fourth dayyyyyyy :) of my journey

My lovely journey :) this is a fourth day of my journey and yes :) im trying to list of what is my workout :)
and here is my meal list
breakfast : oats and milk , currypuff
lunch :
dinner :

here is the list 
victoria abs workout
muffintop massacare
abs on fire
arms on fire

not forget my cardio workout , skipped all day , is it great :) 
just bought new skipping rope and fitness concept so im getting excited all of this :)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Third day of my journey :)

Third day of my journey, well yesterday i got a lot lot of work to do 
 btw now is my lovely sem break so i got to go to partime work and i dont have time to workout and gym ... 
 yesterday i just got to do 2 workout only .. and it is so frustrating..
Here is list of my meals
Breakfast : oats and milk
Lunch : oats and milk
dinner : subway 

Well im not a good cooker :P so whenever ive tried one of cassey ho recipe .. i will make it worst hahahha
"no matter how hard it is , i will go through all this.. there is no failure in my life cause everything is in progress ,and  i'll make my dreams come true"
hehheheheh :P
i will create miracle on my journey
" babe i will meet you when i got the abs" ahahhaha well your mine abs

okay im going to gym today .. i do a lot of workouts  damn fucking exhausted
im doing abs ... treadmile
back on fire
and a lotssss :) hikhukhikhuk
sauna and steam

okay now started with workout cassey ho hahahh
love you baby
abs on fire
victoria secret abs

xoxo lots of love nini:)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Second day of my journey

Second day of my journey damn this is so exhausted 
i already start it since 8 oct but theres no change only a line on my abs getting visible
Sometimes it frustrated me, but im getting strong bcoz there is someone i wanted to show
well this is my schedule .. not schedule but list of meals

Breakfast : coleslaw
Lunch : Fruit 
Dinner : mushroom soup and bread
Snack : fried octopus

This friday im not going to gym but well here is my schedule in my gym
 firstly i will uses treadmile...
next for my back body there is a machine of it .. but idk whats the name of that machine
after that i will uses sit up machine
second last sauna 
lastly it is steam

i love sauna damn much , it make my body feel the aroma of the sauna, it keep my body burn and burn  damn this is fantastic
this i a picture of sauna

i took it at google 

well steam is good for my hair , technically i will be in steam place only for 5-10 minutes, i will not stay in steam place for long , i cant breath at all  so here is a -picture i took from google too

Fyi this is celebrity fitness gym okay ..if you see me there, why not say hye :)

Lastly this is list of my workout , im not going to workout at the gym , well im afraid that my workout it wrong , so rather work and out at the house
 so here is the list of my workout

victoria abs workout
and cardio workout 

weight : ???
height : 151.5 cm 

xoxo lots of love

Thursday, 7 November 2013

First day of my healthy day

7 nov 2013
Today is my first day to be healthy and keeping track what ive been ate.
egg and cabbage , i cook this food with olive oil and a little of oregano 
Ate apple and mushroom 
tuna wrap

what im trying to do is i will post everyday of my body which is to know what happen within 16 days before i enter my 3rd sem of university life ...

Okay i wanted a fitted body which is like this

" Skinny girls look good in clothes, Fit girls look good naked" i love this quotes damn much.. 
xoxo i will up to date my real body... until the achievement 

weight : ?
height : ? 
hahah i forgot to weight and height myself 

wokay  today workout 

victoria abs workout 
dance with me abs
muffintop massacre
abs on fire
cardio workout 20 minute

Thanks cassey ho .. you introduce me this workout .. i love you cassey you are the best pillates instructor