Saturday, 9 November 2013

Third day of my journey :)

Third day of my journey, well yesterday i got a lot lot of work to do 
 btw now is my lovely sem break so i got to go to partime work and i dont have time to workout and gym ... 
 yesterday i just got to do 2 workout only .. and it is so frustrating..
Here is list of my meals
Breakfast : oats and milk
Lunch : oats and milk
dinner : subway 

Well im not a good cooker :P so whenever ive tried one of cassey ho recipe .. i will make it worst hahahha
"no matter how hard it is , i will go through all this.. there is no failure in my life cause everything is in progress ,and  i'll make my dreams come true"
hehheheheh :P
i will create miracle on my journey
" babe i will meet you when i got the abs" ahahhaha well your mine abs

okay im going to gym today .. i do a lot of workouts  damn fucking exhausted
im doing abs ... treadmile
back on fire
and a lotssss :) hikhukhikhuk
sauna and steam

okay now started with workout cassey ho hahahh
love you baby
abs on fire
victoria secret abs

xoxo lots of love nini:)

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