Friday, 8 November 2013

Second day of my journey

Second day of my journey damn this is so exhausted 
i already start it since 8 oct but theres no change only a line on my abs getting visible
Sometimes it frustrated me, but im getting strong bcoz there is someone i wanted to show
well this is my schedule .. not schedule but list of meals

Breakfast : coleslaw
Lunch : Fruit 
Dinner : mushroom soup and bread
Snack : fried octopus

This friday im not going to gym but well here is my schedule in my gym
 firstly i will uses treadmile...
next for my back body there is a machine of it .. but idk whats the name of that machine
after that i will uses sit up machine
second last sauna 
lastly it is steam

i love sauna damn much , it make my body feel the aroma of the sauna, it keep my body burn and burn  damn this is fantastic
this i a picture of sauna

i took it at google 

well steam is good for my hair , technically i will be in steam place only for 5-10 minutes, i will not stay in steam place for long , i cant breath at all  so here is a -picture i took from google too

Fyi this is celebrity fitness gym okay ..if you see me there, why not say hye :)

Lastly this is list of my workout , im not going to workout at the gym , well im afraid that my workout it wrong , so rather work and out at the house
 so here is the list of my workout

victoria abs workout
and cardio workout 

weight : ???
height : 151.5 cm 

xoxo lots of love

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